Youth Quest

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

Location: Olathe Congregation
Ages: K-2
Dates: July 28-30

Junior Camp


Chihowa Retreat Center
Grades: 3-5
Dates: June 19-23


Middle School Camp

Camp Fire at Night

Chihowa Retreat Center
Grades: 6-8
Dates: June 19-24



Graceland University- Lamoni, IA
Grades: 9-12
Dates: July 16-23, 2022

Spec is happening in 2022! More info coming soon!

Caravan 2022

IMG_6247 (1).jpg

This year's Sr. High camp is taking place on the road! Join us as we travel from Kansas City to New York and back again, visiting our tradition's historic sites along the way. We will learn about our roots and discover how our unique past informs our identity as we journey into the future.

Sr. High Caravan

Grades: 9-12
Dates: June 2-12

If you are interested, please fill out the following survey!