2019 Camp Dates:

June 9-14 Senior High Camp

June 16-21 Middle School Camp

June 23-27 Doniphan Reunion

June 29-July 3 Junior Camp

July 7-12 Chihowa Reunion 

July 20-27 Spectacular 

July 20th-26 Camp MITIOG

August 1-3 Youth Quest 

Senior High Camp (Grades 9-12) June 9th-14th

Early Bird Price: $275

After May 15th Price: $300


Come explore new ways to find peace in an ever-changing world. We will explore ways to find peace within ourselves and then carry it forward into the world. Of course, there will be all the fun camp stuff like swimming, hanging with friends, campfires, and worship along with some new adventures that are sure to challenge your definition of what summer camp is all about.

Drop Off: June 9th 4pm @ Chihowa Retreat Center

Pick Up: June 14th 12pm @ Chihowa Retreat Center

Directors: Donna Fletcher and Dave Hall

Middle School Camp (Grades 6-8) June 16th-21st

Early Bird Price: $275

After May 15th Price: $300

What Would Jesus Do

Welcome to Middle School Camp where we will learn all about “What Would Jesus Do?” We’ll look at Jesus’ ministry and actions while walking together on a path that will bring us closer to Him. Get ready for some crazy campfires, camp shenanigans and the feelings of community! We’re planning some great fun! Get registered, and we’ll see you there!

Drop Off: June 16th 4pm @ Chihowa Retreat Center

Pick Up: June 21st 12pm @ Chihowa Retreat Center

Directors: Shelly Twitchell & Thomas Grover

Doniphan Reunion  June 23rd-27th

Adult: $240

Ages 13-17: $125

Ages 6-12: $75

Ages 0-5: $25

Following the Spirit

Guest Minister: Apostle Janné Grover

Bring your life experience to share with friends and family alike. Come enjoy community building through worship, fellowship and service. Expect to have fun doing activities for all ages, reconnecting with nature and taking time to figure out how God is relevant to you in your life.

Arrival: June 23rd 4pm @ Doniphan Retreat Center

Departure: June 28th TBD @ Doniphan Retreat Center

Director: Josh Huyett

Junior Camp (Grades 3rd-5th)  June 29th - July 3rd

Early Bird Price: $255

After May 15th Price: $280

Backyard Kidflix Summer Bash

If you have completed grades 3rd-5th, we invite you to come, bring a friend and enjoy camp with us as we have a Backyard Kidflix Summer Bash!

We will sing songs, play games and learn all about being good friends just as God calls us to be! Each day will bring a new Flix:

I will be a friend who:

Includes others

Protects others

Is loyal to others

Helps others and

Loves others!

Drop Off: June 29th 4pm @ Chihowa Retreat Center

Pick Up: July 3rd 12pm @ Chihowa Retreat Center

Director: Michelle Wilson [email protected]

Chihowa Reunion  July 7th-12th

Adult: $240

Ages 13-17: $125

Ages 6-12: $75

Ages 0-5: $25

Following the Spirit

Guest Minister: Richard Betts

Do you need a respite from the busyness and chaos of your everyday life? Do you yearn for a deeper, strengthened relationship with God? Do you want to live in a Christ-like community? Come to Chihowa Reunion 2019! You are invited to spend a week worshipping with us - living, laughing, and learning together in Christ. To embrace this year’s theme, “Following the Spirit,” please consider these two questions: Is the spirit calling you to Chihowa? Will you follow?

Arrival: July 7th 4pm @ Chihowa Retreat Center

Departure: July 12th 12pm @ Chihowa Retreat Center

Director: Sara Marolf

Spectacular (Grades 9-12) July 20th-27th

Early Bird Price: $435

After June 16th Price: $525

During SPECTACULAR approximately 1,100 campers and their leaders gather at Graceland University for the largest annual gathering of youth in Community of Christ.

All campers will have opportunities to participate in leadership and discipleship development, diverse worship, and expression of arts, music, and sports.

During the week campers can look forward to sharing in all avenues of the SPEC experience – service projects,communication workshops, basketball, musical instruction, table tennis, stage production, worship, delegation devotions, volleyball, tie- dying, cotton candy, discussions about dating and relationships, learning more about our Creator, soccer, and much, much more.

Drop Off: July 20th 10am @ The Highlands

Pick Up: July 27th 3pm @ The Highlands

Directors: Kat & Alex Hnatyshyn [email protected]

MITIOG  July 20th-26th

Celebrating 50 years! This year’s theme is Peace, Love, Camp MITIOG.

Camp MITIOG is a summer camp for youth 7-16, who are living with Spina Bifida. Spina Bifida is a neurological defect causing incomplete closure of the spine. Campers vary in physical limitations, from full use of wheelchairs to accessible devices for walking. We strive to have a one camper to one counselor ratio so each camper’s needs are met. Campers, counselors and staff alike experience what being Made In The Image Of God means in today’s world.

Camp MITIOG is always looking for counselors and counselors-in-training. If you are 16 years old or older and wish to be a part of a great service ministry, contact Gary Libeer or Laura Huyett, or visit www.campmitiog.org.

Youth Quest (Grades K-2nd)  August 1st-3rd

Early Bird Price: $75

After May 15th Price: $80

Lego and Let God

“Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing.” - 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Building our faith in Jesus starts with building relationships with each other. Come enjoy a great time constructing FRIENDSHIPS, assembling FELLOWSHIP, and SWIMMING! OH, and don’t forget to bring your TALENTS for the big show.

Drop Off: August 1st 6pm @ Olathe Congregation

Pick Up: August 3rd 12pm @ Olathe Congregation

Director: Autumn Cash

[email protected] Phone: 913.980.8834