Youth Camp Brochure

2018 Camp Dates:

June 6–16 Historic Caravan *    
June 17–22 Middle School Camp     
June 24–29 Doniphan Reunion     
July 5–7 Youth Quest     

July 8-13 Chihowa Reunion
July 18–20 International Youth Forum*
July 21–28 Spectacular
July 22–27 MITIOG
July 29–August 2 Junior Camp

*Includes night before camp begins

Historic Caravan (Grades 9-12)                    June 6th-16th

Early Bird Price: $400

After April 15th Price: $500

Transform the World

Come and jump on a bus for 10 days with your closest friends to venture on a-once-in-a-lifetime trip. We will be visiting Liberty Hall, Plano Stone Church, Hill Cumorah, The Sacred Grove, Kirtland Temple, Nauvoo, Graceland, and a tour of our very own Community of Christ Temple. This will be a fun trip for the high school youth that will focus on our church heritage and the roots of our Restoration Movement. Our trip will help us learn who we are as a faith movement and show us what Community of Christ can offer the world in the future.

Drop Off: June 6th 7pm @ Mission Road
Pick Up: June 16th @ Mission Road
Directors: Clint Reine, Kyle Joyce, & Kristine Shipley 

[email protected]

Middle School Camp (Grades 6-8)              June 17th-22nd

Early Bird Price: $270 

After June 2nd Price: $295

The Lord's Library

Join us for a week of fun and worship and walk with us through the words of our Lord as we delve into scripture and revisit its place in our daily lives.

Drop Off: June 17th 4pm @ Camp Chihowa 

Pick Up: June 22nd @ Camp Chihowa 

Directors: Beka Scott & Thomas Grover 

[email protected]

Doniphan Reunion (All Ages Welcome)     June 24th-29th

Adults: $240
Ages 13-17: $125
Ages 6-12: $75
Ages 0-5: $25

Guest Speaker: Scott Murphy, First Presidency

If you are looking for an all-inclusive family get-a-way Doniphan Reunion may be the time and place for you! Scott Murphy, Counselor to the President, will be our guest minister this year and our theme is Breathe New Life. I invite you to join in the opportunity to spend time with family and friends appreciating the relationship between each other, God and nature. Come with expectations to share in worship, learning, music and all sorts of activities for the body and soul.

Director: Josh Huyett

Youth Quest (Grades K-2nd)                          July 5th-7th

Early Bird Price: $75
After June 20th Price: $80

Out of This World!

“Dear Friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.” – 1 John 4:7

God’s love for you is Out of This World! Come explore His love with friends and make some new ones while you are here. Don’t forget to pack your extra air tanks and a smile.

Drop Off: July 5th 6pm @ Olathe Congregation 

Pick Up: July 7th 12pm @ Olathe Congregation 

Director: Autumn Cash 

[email protected]

Chihowa Reunion  (All Ages Welcome)    July 8-13th

Adults: $240
Ages 13-17: $125
Ages 6-12: $75
Ages 0-5: $25

Guest Speaker: David Anderson, President of High Priest Quorum

Come take a much needed reprieve from the obstacles and stress of your daily life and bask in the peace of God's presence.  Become a member of a unique community that works together, laughs together, lives together, and worships together.  Learn from our guest minister President of High Priest Quorum Dave Anderson as he shares his thoughts and testimonies throughout the week.  Participate in daily recreational activities, lead a youth class, and meet someone new.  From 0 to 100 years old (that was the literal age span last year), there are activities planned for all generations.  This reunion is an opportunity for all families to grow together and closer to God.  We hope to truly embody the theme "Breath New Life," so come as you are and leave refreshed, whole, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Director: Sarah Marolf

International Youth Forum - IYF (Grades 9-12)      July 18th-20th

Early Bird Price: $200
After June 17th Price: $250

International Youth Forum occurs every four years and is a worship experience held at the Community of Christ Temple in Independence, Missouri. Community of Christ Youth and friends from all over the world gather together to experience God. Our delegation will gather the night before IYF begins and youth attending Spec will stay an additional night at the Highlands.

Drop Off: July 18th 7pm @ The Highlands
Pick Up: July 20th 7pm @ The Highlands (if not attending Spec) 

Director: Kat Hnatyshyn
[email protected]

Spectacular - SPEC  (Grades 9-12)          July 21st-28th          International Year!

Early Bird Price: $425
After June 17th Price: $475

During SPECTACULAR approximately 1,100 campers and their leaders gather at Graceland University for the largest annual gathering of youth in Community of Christ.

All campers will have opportunities to participate in leadership and discipleship development, diverse worship, and expression of arts, music, and sports.

During the week campers can look forward to sharing in all avenues of the SPEC experience – service projects,communication workshops, basketball, musical instruction, table tennis, stage production, worship, delegation devotions, volleyball, tie- dying, cotton candy, discussions about dating and relationships, learning more about our Creator, soccer, and much, much more.

Drop Off: July 21st 10am @ The Highlands 

Pick Up: July 28th 3pm @ The Highlands 

Directors: Kat & Alex Hnatyshyn 

[email protected]

Junior Camp (Grades 3-5)                         July 29th-Aug 2nd

Early Bird Price: $250 

After July 14th Price: $275

The Great Race 2018

Rev up your engines and get ready to compete in “The Great Race” this summer at Junior Camp. We will explore God’s grace for each person as we race through the week together. Your racing team will overcome obstacles throughout the week as we learn to run with patient endurance. Along the route we will sing songs at campfires and enjoy the pool, boating, games and more. Get your mind and gear ready for a Christ- centered, race-themed adventure that can only be described as “The Great Race.”

Drop Off: July 29th 4pm @ Chihowa 

Pick Up: Aug 2nd 12pm @ Chihowa 

Director: Michelle Wilson 

[email protected]